Eric Disero is a Canadian DJ/Producer and musician. He began playing piano at age 9 and has explored many musical genres over the course of his career. After graduating from Carleton University with a degree in Jazz Piano, he established himself as an innovative producer and musician, producing official remixes for Linkin Park, MUTEMATH, Great Good Fine Ok, and Before You Exit. Eric went on to produce “Changes” by MUTEMATH, gaining over 6 million streams on Spotify, and his last single with Conro entitled “Like You Love Me” has amassed over 4 million streams.

While Eric’s production style is predominantly electronic, he also carves out space for more organic sounds in this creative process. Some of his methodologies include re-synthesizing acoustic instruments to create new timbres, sampling recorded sounds to develop tonal and percussive musical elements, and re-sampling vocals to construct new melodies and soundscapes. Eric still actively plays jazz piano, occasionally layering shades of jazz harmony into his electronic compositions. Over the past 2 years, Eric has gained a total of well over 15 million streams on popular platforms and has many more tracks set to be released in 2019.
Outside of music, Eric is also an avid photographer.

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